Where do you ship to?

  • Shipping is available currently only in Australia
  • For international orders please contact us at grant@whelpmate.com


Does it have an Anti-Crush System?

  • Our Anti-Crush System (Pig Rails) is a 4 shelf system that locates itself over lugs on the inside of the box. It is composed of a composite material of wood fibre and resin making it extremely strong, waterproof and durable. Heavy duty magnets hold the rail down in each corner eliminating the need for legs which can create pinch points.

  • Available in Grey

How big is the box when collapsed?

Whelpmate™ Whelping Box

1076mm   (42.4")   Long

1048mm   (41.3")   Wide

190mm     (7.5")     Height When Collapsed


What about heating?

  • We have designed this box to sit perfectly flat on top of a heat mat, thus eliminating the need for electrical cords to come anywhere near chewy puppy mouths. The base is designed to effectively transfer heat from the mat to the puppies and prevent the heat mat from being moved.


Why is it clear?

  • The box sides are clear to give puppies the ability to see out into the world around them whilst still maintaining the protection of a sealed environment. Our research has lead us to believe puppies with this exposure are quicker to adjust to life after leaving mum and calmer in social environments growing up. They see home-life as it is from the beginning and associate this as normal right from day dot.


    Do the clear sides affect a whelping bitch?

    • As part of our research we found this could be an issue with some bitches during the whelping process so we have designed an optional fabric Whelpmate Whelping Hood that gets placed over the box during whelping to make the bitch more comfortable, ensuring less stress during whelping.


    What size dogs is this box good for?

    • Any size dog up to an average Labrador should comfortably whelp in our Whelpmate box.


    What's so good about this particular whelping box?


    - Waterproof base

    - Lightweight

    - Wheels for easy transport

    - No corners = easy cleaning 

    - Modular: simply add in extra units 

    - Multi-height doors

    - Lasts for multiple litters 


    Other boxes: 

    - Not waterproof

    - Made of porous material 

    - Unhygienic 

    - Non-transparent 

    - Hard to move

    - Hard to clean 

    - Many are one use only 

    - Homemade 


    Are there other sizes available?

    • At this stage we are not making any other size of Whelpmate Whelping Box. However, you can join 2 or more boxes together via our Whelpmate Joining Mechanism giving you the ultimate freedom to tailor a solution to suit your needs