Whelpmate™ Reviews

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"The best decision we made!"

Melbourne Eastside Frenchies


"Investing in a Flexi Whelping Box Combo was the best decision we made! The box is super easy to set up and put away and best of all it allows us to see our pups and mum at all times. This whelping box is easy to clean and the mats are perfect for keeping your new litter warm and dry ! 10/10"

"So thrilled I invested in this"



"I am absolutely so thrilled I invested in this @whelpmate box. It’s so safe for both mum and puppies and gives the two legged mum a restful coach sleep now Mickey is getting the rest she needs before the next feed. Ps the center piece can come out so she can go between the two boxes. "

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"The best whelping box a breeder can buy!"

Yuki and Miki

Hugo and Paris Frenchies


‘We highly recommend this whelping box! It’s very well made. It’s easy, clean and the best whelping box a breeder can buy!’ ‘It is also great how we can monitor our puppies from the couch and watch them grow!’ Thanks,

"We Love our Whelping box 💓💓"


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"As clean as it is possible to be....The best system I have seen for puppy development."

Jon Carruthers BSc, BVMS,MANZCVS (Veterinary Behaviour)

Animal Behavioural Consultants


"We used Whelpmate for a recent litter of puppies. The system was efficient and easy to use, and as easy to clean as it is possible to be with 9 Labrador puppies.

Of particular value to me was the safe social interactions offered to the puppies.
Puppies in the first 4 months of life need a wide range of environmental and social
interactions, in a non-aversive environment. The precise nature of the required
interactions varies with age (broadly 0-2 weeks, 2-6 weeks, and 6-16 weeks all
having different requirements). Of particular value in this area, the Whelpmate allows
puppies to experience a more varied range of environmental stimulation, in a safe
environment than other systems offer. In particular it is easier to incorporate the
whelping box in busier areas of the house as it is self-contained, which allows
puppies a more varied view of the world, particularly form 2-6 weeks. The clear sides
also provide an increased range of controlled sensory stimulation.
Whilst care is needed in placing the unit, to avoid overly unpleasant experiences
(such as heat, cold, abrupt loud noises) it is the best system I have seen for puppy
development, and we found it very effective."

"Easy to Clean...Nothing can leak through the plastic"

Leigh A Durrence
Dana Durrence

Superior Bullys


"We purchased two of the Whelpmate Combo Systems and they are great!! They are easy to clean, and nothing can leak through the plastic. We raised one litter in a Whelpmate earlier this year, and have another litter right now. We will have a new litter next week to fill the second combo."

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"Absolutely love Whelpmate,
best investment"

Paulene Zullo

Bullacktiv Kennels


"Our new fur babies have now migrated into their Whelpmate condominium"

"Time to move to “The Big Kids Playground” This will be the 3rd litter of Bull Terrier (Miniatures) & 1 litter of Bull Terriers to use this . All our fur kids love being able to look out and watch the world 🐾🐾 Absolutely love Whelpmate, best investment ."

"I highly recommend this whelping box!"


"Easiest to keep clean...Love it"

Our World Of Bullies


"We use this system as we find it the easiest to keep clean and monitor our babies. 💕💕 Whelpmate Love it!"

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"Love this system"

Gina Kirby
Celtic Sight Hounds


"Love this system. Love it. Clean puppy’s, no stink in my house, love love love it"

"All our puppy’s are whelped in the whelpmate whelping system. I am a firm believer in this system. I have happy and much cleaner puppies that are house trained to pee pads when ready or leave the whelpimg box! A must buy for anyone that wants clean and well adjusted dogs..."

"I really think this system is the best. And think it makes for much happier mom and babies!"

"Very easy to clean...5 out of 5"

Carlos C Rocha Fernandes

LuckyLine Australia


"We have this product at home and it is Absolutely great so simple to use very easy Clean and move around the house the clear sides makes easy to see thru when monitoring the Puppies. For me it's a 5 out of 5."

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"Can't imagine using anything else"

Dr. Theresa Pizzuto BScBVMS 


"I recently used Whelpmate Whelping Boxes for a litter of pups and I now can't imagine using anything else! It was so easy to wipe down and keep clean, and really lightweight to take outside when a hose down was required. We could always see what the pups were up to and they could see everything going on around them. Especially from a veterinary perspective, I believe this will be hugely beneficial to the puppies adjusting to life as they grow. This is a very well designed, functional and stylish system - well done!"

"We are loving this"

Jo Rasche - South Australia

Anvilhart Staffords


We are loving this 😘 pups happy - mum can escape and still be enclosed - and can only imagine how much easier this will be when they are running and pooping lol! Bed in one side - newspaper and poop in the other - and no more chewed skirting boards, door frames or footprints up the walls 👍

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