The benefits of Whelpmate's™ walls are CLEAR

July 27 2019 – Grant Kemlo

The benefits of Whelpmate's™ walls are CLEAR
The benefits of Whelpmate's™ walls are CLEAR


We are often asked why we have the best whelping box and why our Whelpmate™ Whelping System has clear walls when many bitches require a dark den-like space to set off the whelping process....?


Well the answer is CLEAR.


We agree that many bitches DO require a dark space to set off the whelping process and as such we offer the Whelpmate™ Whelping Hood. This hood goes over a single box and turns it into a cave like environment, perfect for your dog to be comfortable in to set off her whelping. The dark area is usually only necessary for a day or 2 prior to whelping and once she starts, many breeders will now have dim lighting, the hood removed, and be in their dog helping her with the whelping.


From this moment onward there is usually no longer a need for the dark den-like conditions and the benefits become CLEAR.


  • YOU CAN SEE in
- From any angle, from anywhere in the room, you can keep a watchful eye in your precious puppies and their mum.
- Safety of the pups is vital, especially in the early days and there is no better box on the market for visibility of your loved ones.

    • YOUR DOG and her PUPS (from the day their eyes open - around 2 weeks) can SEE OUT
    - Allowing your dog to be able to see out creates a calm and relaxed mum.
    - It also allows her to keep an eye on her pups when she is out of the box (ie relaxing by the fire place) without  being panicked by every puppy noise and having to get up to go and investigate.
    - Most importantly from the moment the puppies can see, they have a full view of their surroundings, a vital component in puppy socialisation. Whether its the kids playing with their toys/balls/etc or the vacuum cleaner whirring past the puppy's heads, they can now see what they could otherwise only smell and hear.
    - Allowing full visibility also helps to prevent scrambling and climbing up the sides as previously they have been trying to see over a wall, now the pups can simply see through.

    - See your pups going to the toilet and be able to remove it before it becomes smeared all over
    - Seeing the grime on the clear walls allows you to make sure that you've got your system completely clean and not leaving any area contaminated
    -If your pups have made a real mess, simply fold your Whelpmate™ System up in seconds and wheel outside for a hose down.



    As you can see the Whelpmate™ Whelping Box is the best and the benefits are CLEAR!!!



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