Whelping Boxes For Small Dogs

February 24 2018 – Grant Kemlo

Whelping Boxes For Small Dogs
Whelping Boxes For Small Dogs

With many dog owners around the world now leaning towards smaller breeds of dogs, an appropriately sized whelping box is essential. With normal birth weights for the smaller breeds ranging from 75g to 350g, these tiny puppies are extremely vulnerable in their first weeks of life. It is essential that these puppies are kept warm and safe to ensure a healthy and happy puppy. 

Whelpmate has now created the Mini Whelpmate for smaller and toy breeds. Combined with the Mini Anti-Crush System, Whelpmate has created the safest and most hygenic whelping box system for your smaller breeds. Our patent pending design offers an ABS tub base which has excellent thermal properties, allowing easy transfer of heat through the ABS plastic from your heat mat placed underneath. This helps ensure that your young and vulnerable pup is kept warm and never too far from mum. 

Added to the above, Whelpmate's clear walls offer you the perfect view of your precious puppies from any angle ensuring that you can keep an eye on your little ones. Whelpmate's Mini Anti-Crush System is made from a waterproof composite material that gives excellent protection for your puppies. Locating itself over internal lugs and secured magnetically, the Anti-Crush System (Pig Rails) has no legs thereby avoiding all pinch points and allowing your little puppies to be able to walk around the entire perimeter of your whelping box unimpeded. 


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