The Benefits Of Flat Pack Whelping Boxes

February 24 2018 – Grant Kemlo

The Benefits Of Flat Pack Whelping Boxes
The Benefits Of Flat Pack Whelping Boxes

Gone are the days of having to raise your puppies in a large, heavy wooden, whelping box. Technological advances now allow us to raise puppies in flat pack whelping boxes. Flat pack boxes are often made from a variety of plastics making them strong, light weight and easier to clean. Set up is often very quick and when packed down they take up very little space enabling easier storage.

The down side of flat pack boxes comes when one considers the waterproof nature of the box. The majority of flat pack boxes have:

  • No floor - still having to clean the floor under the box and urine/faeces leaking out.
  • Corners / Joins - urine and faeces can accumulate in these and they are usually not sealed leading to further leakage.

Whelpmate Whelping Boxes were invented to combat these issues. With no corners and a tub base, Whelpmate eliminates the possibility of any leakage whilst still being lightweight, quick to set up and pack up and small enough to store in tight spaces (under the bed, back of the wardrobe, etc).

Whelpmate also offers a range of Accessories such as variable height doors, Anti-Crush System, and Whelping Hood if your bitch requires a covered area to start the whelping process.


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